bienvenue au district.

san francisco to denver to washington+72 hours=an overpriced but beautiful apartment in a city that has already taught me a whole lot about gentrification, humidity, air conditioning and…did i mention humidity.

in typical karinaversus fashion, this post begins with the weather. in the last two weeks i graduated from college, purchased a business-casual wardrobe and relocated to the hot and sticky east coast. supposedly the humidity worsens as the months go on. luckily i bought some anti-frizz product for my hair so that i appear unaffected by this repulsive weather.

my apartment is on mount pleasant street, near the columbia heights metro stop. think the mission minus the crackheads. can’t comment on the food yet, but it looks like there’s a wide variety of salvadorian and mexican restaurants. the further you migrate up the hill every other store is a papuseria, and into the petworth neighborhood the streets are lined with a medley of papuserias and fried-fisheries (i am not 100% sure what a papusa is, but i hear they’re good, so i’ll keep ya posted).

i responded to a craigslist ad to live with two girls that seemed chill. they said they liked to be outdoorsy, ride bikes, keep energy costs low, and chill out but also go out. i figured that was a good match. turns out they’re from berkeley. i came all the way across the country and still can’t help but be drawn to berkeleyites. subconsciously. not too surprising.

not much has changed chez karina, i suppose, when a blog entry i written almost 2 years later in an entirely new city is once again about her spoiled reaction to non-bay-area weather and her gastronomical findings (note: i initially wrote “almost 1 year later,” then thought about it and realized that something was incorrect in my calculation. damn how time flies. or does it…?).

but things have changed. karina versus a city of typeApoliticallymindedpersonalities where the number of smart phones per capita is mildly offensive and she gets slightly strange glances when she busts out her razor phone (circa 2004) to send a text message. i’ve been residing in columbia heights, on 11th street, and i’ll move into my apartment on friday. this neighborhood is refreshing in some ways, sad in others. refreshing in that it’s diverse, young, happenin’, “up-and-coming” and filled with colorful townhouses with front porches, compared with other areas of dc that are filled with businesssuits and chi-chi restaurants. sad in that every single person i’ve talked to while visiting apartments has explained neighborhoods in terms of their level of gentrification. one girl, who moved here 7 years ago, told me that she got off the metro at the columbia heights stop and saw holes in the ground. there was nothing. after martin luther king was assassinated, the riots that destroyed this area left the infrastructure in shambles. rent prices were low, crime was high, etc etc. add a target, a best buy and a footlocker, rent prices skyrocket, enter white people and energetic young professionals. rent prices skyrocket times 2. now that the chains are here and the upper-middleclass hipsters are swarming, it’s safe to say that this is a “cool neighborhood.” il me rend triste, l’état de notre société.

tomorrow morning i start work at the new america foundation. the best part is that i start work at 10am. who the hell starts work at 10am!? but i mean, hey, no complaints, especially if they’re not even paying me.

i am excited.

really excited!

this city is like summer camp for polisci majors. summer camp that, after years of unpaid internships (i talked to a guy yesterday in his mid-20s who was still doing unpaid/stipended positions), will hopefully develop into a job. not that my non-profit salary will be particularly glamorous, but hey, i’ll take what i can get. especially if i am saving the world. or pretending to. futilely.

stay tuned for karina versus dc. given that my residence here is short-term (in the short-term), my domain name will stay the same. karina versus, chapter 2 (i guess davis didn’t count as a battle).

keep your eyes peeled for new beginnings.


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